Nature Walk

An interpretive 4 to 5 km hike through diverse habitats of the reserve, this half day outing offers an excellent opportunity to watch birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Border Hiking

This challenging, full-day trek takes guests deeper into the reserve, allowing further opportunity for animal sightings and interaction with the environment.

Bamboo Rafting

This all day program combines traditional rafting and range hiking through some of the richest forest tracts of the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Tribal Heritage Visit

A tribal museum visit is followed by a tour through the tribal hamlet situated within the periphery of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, accompanied by a tribal guide.

Elephant Park

Visit to an exclusive home for elephants to experience and learn about the life of the domesticated pachyderm.

Jeep Safari

The road leading to the picturesque Gavi is blanketed by tea plantations. Overseen by trained locals it is an outstanding trekking experience.

Gavi Tour

With picturesque locales and magnificent wildlife reserves, Gavi is ideal for activities such as trekking, night safaris, wildlife watching and outdoor camping overseen by trained locals.

Plantation Tour

The tour offers an excellent opportunity to see medicinal plants and buy garden fresh spices from the plantation.


The first and foremost activity of a tourist in Thekkady is Boating in the Lake. One can see the wild animals along the gringe of the lake foraging, bathing, drinking and resting.

Jungle Patrol

These 3 hour hikes allow visitors to participate in the nightly patrols along the fringe zones of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. By participating you will be helping to protect the forests of Periyar.

Bullock Cart Ride

Conducted by a group of people previously engaged in sandalwood smuggling who now understand there are greater benefits from sustainable activities.


Observe the metaphysical art form of Kathakali, where performers don elaborate make-up and channel the qualities, both demonic and divine, of their gods. This unique blend of dance, music, action and literature, coupled with intricate painting and costumes is simply stunning. A true tour-de-force of culture and amazing imagery, Kathakali is not to be missed.

Martial Arts / Kalari

Kerala martial arts, demonstrates the spectacle and dramatic culture that is present in Kerala. Held within a kalari training hall, this artistic display is simply beautiful and breathtaking.

Periyar Tiger Trail

This overnight program is unique in being conducted by a team of ex-poachers who turned protectors of the reserve.

Grampi Tour

Also known as Paranthupara (eagle rock) Grampi has breathtaking views of rocky plains, lush hillsides, forests and trekking trails lending an exquisite charm to this destination. The road to Grampi is flanked by unending cardamom, tea and coffee plantations.

All Spice Restaurant

With a mild breeze caressing you, here's the perfect setting for many an idyllic meal. The expansive open air terrace that offers an ideal venue for informal parties, grills, barbeques and Candlelight Dinners.

Organic Farming

We source as much produce as possible from our own property to create food experiences from our farm to your table - Fresh eggs from our farms and a variety of greens for the most crisp and refreshing salads.

Pool Table

Enjoy a quick game of Billiards or Snooker on our Pool Table.


Health and Fitness Center.

Pennycuick Hall

A well equipped conference hall (300pax in theatre style seating), is an ideal setting for a weekend of business and pleasure. We also have special room packages for conferences and other events.

Mini Conference Hall

A welcoming location for get-togethers, meetings and parties. Our rooftop terrace with open-air dining facilities can be used for campfires and cultural shows as well.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool welcomes you to have a refreshing and relaxing time.